This Man Got A Donald Trump Tattoo In Exchange For Gig Tickets

Quick! Someone call Tattoo Fixers! Because there’s a new client who definitely needs some ink fixing.

Yes, a man in Arizona has willingly got tattoo of US politician and professional buffoon Donald Trump on his back in exchange for a year’s worth of Country music gig tickets. The ‘Trump Stamp’, if you will, was paid for by two radio shock-jocks on The Ben & Matt Show earlier this week and you can see a time-lapse video of the regretful ink above.

The 102.5 KNIX DJs made the odd request to see if someone loved Country music that much, if they’d be willing to permanently mark their body with Donald Trump’s ugly mug and in exchange, they would give the recipient/fool tickets to every Country music show that came to Phoenix, Arizona over the coming year.

What makes this just that little bit worse is that there were THREE other volunteers who all backed out before 38-year-old Travis Gaarder stepped up to the plate. Speaking to Billboard, Gaarder said that “The only reason why I did it was for the concert tickets” before adding “I just like music”. Yeah maybe a bit too much, mate.

He also stayed politically neutral by insisting that he’s not a supporter of Trump or any other of the potential Presidential candidates but did it purely for the tickets. He was then asked if it was worth it to go to every country concert that rolls through the city and responded with “Heck yeah!”. Check out some of the pics below.

Wonder if anyone will get a Bernie Sanders tattoo in exchange for a lifetime of Run The Jewels tickets, though…