Mani – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Brain Cells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse. This Week: Mani

Which famous guitarist was rumoured to have offered to replace John Squire in 1996?
“Slash. Is it true? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I haven’t got a fucking Scooby Doo! Slash seems all right. He’d have had to not wear that ridiculous hat. And don’t bring those snakes near me, boy!”

Who was presenting The Late Show when the power cut out midway through The Stone Roses’ live performance of ‘Made Of Stone’ in 1989?
“Oooh, some blonde-haired lady, what the bloody hell was her name? Was it a Kate or a Heather or something? It was a very highbrow BBC programme, The Late Show. It was funny watching her twitch, I tell you!”
Incorrect. Tracey MacLeod

Why don’t Simon Pegg and Nick Frost throw The Stone Roses’ ‘Second Coming’ at the zombies in the back garden in Shaun Of The Dead?
“Because they like it! I love that movie. I was just glad that someone finally admitted to liking the most underrated album of my career.”
Correct. They throw New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, The Batman Soundtrack, Dire Straits (unspecific album) and Sade ‘Diamond Life’, but not ‘Second Coming’’

What three colours did NME paint-splatter you on the front cover in November 1989, reprinted again in April 2009?
“Blue, white and black. We added red paint and my forehead went all scarlet, there was something in the red paint that freaked my skin out. We didn’t take a change of clothes so I had to go home in a paint-splashed suit of clothing, which incidentally I found under the stairs in a bag about four years ago. It’s now on display at the British Music Experience Exhibition at the O2 Arena along with the bass which I found behind the couch!”

How many trout did you catch on Scottish TV fishing show Trout’N’About in 2004?
“I was credited with one but I didn’t catch any. We bought mine from the trout farm!”
No points for lying to us on TV

What were the exact words on the piece of artwork John Squire created to deny The Stone Roses reforming in March 2009?
“Did he do some kind of a cross or something? I don’t know what it said. I could ask him!”
Incorrect. “I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses 18.3.09”

You’re a famous Red, so… Man City Vs Man United, 17 April 2010, who scored and in what minute?
“Paul Scholes scored the winner in a 1-0 victory for United in the 92nd minute. I was watching it in a bar in downtown Beijing, China where I was fucking stuck because of the volcano.”

What’s happening on the front cover of Primal Scream’s 2000 album ‘XTRMNTR’?
“Military images, jet fighters and a geezer in a helmet.”

Where and when are Primal Scream booked to play ‘Screamadelica’ in full later in the year?
“The gigs are taking place on November 26 and 27 at the Olympia in London. That’s all I’ve got to work towards this year, isn’t it? I’m only joking. I shall be out doing some gigs with the Freebass thing very soon.”

Freebass has three bass players. Which early ’90s West Midlands band famously had two?
“The Freebass album is all done. It’s not going to be world-changing; it’s just some guys having fun making some music. Who had two bass players? I really don’t remember…”
Incorrect. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Total Score: 6/10
Mani: “That’s not bad going. Surprisingly, my memory is better than ever, man. There’s a lot to be said for damage done, but my brain is still as sharp as ever!”