Manic Street Preachers Spend The Day With NME

Just your average day in the office then, as we walked through NME Towers’ revolving doors this morning to see Nicky Wire and James Dean Bradfield in reception. They’re here to talk to Emily Mackay for a magazine feature, as well as various camera lenses for NME.COM and NME Radio‘s Iain Baker.

After a brief struggle with guest passes (“How do you spell your surname?” the receptionist asked Nicky) and some reminiscing over their previous encounters with us, they were ensconced in a private room with a view of St Paul’s Cathedral to talk about the new album.

Manics interview

When Nicky saw the latest issue of NME and cover stars Green Day he started laughing and remarked “they nicked a track title off us”. So a pop question for you: which track is he referring to?

Then – once James had perfected his MSP logo on the table out of the little wooden stirrers we use for coffees – it was time for photos in the sun.

Manics logo

Manics on roof

Manics roof 2

In the lift Nicky started talking about his love for The Horrors and let us in on a secret regarding both bands – keep an eye on the news section for more on that.

The next stage of the day saw the band chat to Iain Baker for a pre-record interview on NME Radio – keep checking the radio page for details of when we’re broadcasting that.

Manics at NME Radio

Then finally some interviews on camera for NME.COM and NME TV.

Manics on video

A long day, but the guys stayed two hours longer than they needed to. We’ll have the video up on site within the next few days…