Don’t Move… The Mannequin Challenge Is A Thing, And Even Adele Is Doing It

The latest viral craze to hit the internet is quite strange

Prepare for your social media feeds to become a sea of people standing still. The mannequin challenge is the new ice bucket challenge; a ton of celebs have already got on the bandwagon early and more are bound to follow. But what exactly is this new trend and why are people doing it?

What is the mannequin challenge?

The mannequin challenge is the latest viral sensation, following the ice bucket challenge and the Harlem Shake. In it, people film themselves holding poses and staying completely motionless – like mannequins. There’s usually music playing in the background and a lot of the videos so far have been soundtracked by hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’.

Who’s done it so far?

Fittingly, the ‘SremmLife’ brothers have already taken on the challenge, filming theirs at one of their shows and getting the whole audience involved. Destiny’s Child filmed themselves undertaking it at Kelly Rowland’s son’s birthday party. Adele uploaded a Western-themed video. Diplo did a pretty impressive one where he got everyone at a party he was DJing to freeze for nearly 30 seconds, while Young Thug and A$AP Ferg have also taken part.


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How did it start?


One Twitter user posted a video of six students at the Edward H White school in Jacksonville, Florida, holding poses on a table with the hashtag #manequinchallenge. From there, it’s grown into the latest viral craze and will probably only get bigger over the coming days and weeks.

Is it for charity?

Unlike the ice bucket challenge, which aimed to raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), the mannequin challenge isn’t affiliated with any charity or cause. Instead, people seem to be doing it just for the sake of it.

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