‘Many Of Horror’/’When We Collide’ – Biffy Clyro Show Matt Cardle How It’s Done

Mixed emotions surrounding the X Factor finale in the office. While most are just desperately gleeful that we now have the maximum possible longest time until X Factor is on again, others are outraged at the fact a Biffy Clyro song was used by eventual winner (and next year’s star of Butlins’ Magic Of Christmas show) Matt Cardle. More still argue that Biffy’s faux-US vocals don’t display any less artifice than the majority of the X Factor drones anyway.

Here’s how Matt Cardle performed it.


And here’s how it should have sounded.

Will team X Factor create an equally fucked up promo video for Matt’s rendition? Will they hell – producers ever renamed the song to look nicer on the shelves of Asda and pages of Heat. The renaming of the track to fit their own ambitious commercial concerns is just yet another example of the contempt the program shows music.

It’s ripe for a meme though – maybe some Youtube bandit could create a promo featuring Cardle’s face turning into Simon Neil before morphing into Cowell and finally Mephistopheles.