Is Marilyn Manson Trolling Justin Bieber With This Photo?

Justin Bieber‘s transition to the cool side – it’s happening, stop shaking your head like that – in the past year or so has taken the music world by surprise, prompting many of us to unexpectedly come out as Beliebers: did you ever imagine, for instance, that a JB song could ever make you feel the way that ‘Sorry’ does? Well, he’s only made the impossible a reality – what a time to be alive.

Indeed, Bieber’s ongoing transformation into all-round decent bloke is also being endorsed by an increasing number of actually-cool people in the music industry: Diplo, Chance The Rapper, Kanye. Yes, even Kanye.

Bieber’s latest celebrity fan, however, is an unlikely one – just take a look at this:

Bigger than Bieber

A photo posted by Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson) on

Yes, the self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” has apparently been welcomed into the Belieber clan, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone – which got us all wondering: are you trolling here, Brian?

The 47-year-old’s post came after Bieber was pictured performing in Seattle wearing a T-shirt with Marilyn Manson‘s face on the front and “Bigger Than Satan – Bieber” on the back. Manson’s social media retort – “Bigger Than Bieber” – suggests that he’s taken issue with the Canadian’s outlandish claim, while also deciding once and for all the ranking of who’s actually the biggest: 3) Satan; 2) Justin Bieber; 1) Marilyn Manson.

People seem divided on whether this might be the beginning of a feud or actually an exercise in mutual respect between two rather diverse artists. Indeed, the jury is still out on what the answer to that might be, but, should it boil over into anything extraordinary, this really could be the greatest music beef since Beethoven fell out with Joseph Haydn (Google it). Choose your side wisely.