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“Oh. My. Gawd. you look just like Shakira. No, no, you’re Catherine Zeta. Actually my name’s Marina”…

Marina video shoot

Marina & The Diamonds‘ classic ode to / put down of America has been reworked umpteen times over the last few months.

There’s the original:

The acoustic version:

The full on remixes from the likes of Fenech Soler and Juan McLean:

And now it’s been turned Sunday afternoon film soundtracky courtesy of Gonzales. Get the pretty stunning re-edit of the track here.

New to the Daily Download are Civil Civic.

Civil Civic

Trust us when we say you really need to hear this lot. An Australian duo living several continents apart (one’s based in Barcelona), they only get together sporadically to record, and are set to release the self explanatory debut ‘1’ in March. They sound a bit Japandroids, a bit DFA 1979, a bit electro, very scuzzy and highly habit-forming. Distincly lo-fi, they haven’t made a video for any of the tracks. Instead their blog just says this:

“We don’t have a music video for this song so it’s best to imagine one. Personally we recommend imagining a beach party being hit by a tsunami, so try that first. Or a dashing commercial airline pilot spilling his Mojito on the control panel mid-flight causing a wholesale short-circuit also works well.”

Get the track here.

Elsewhere on the net:
RCRD LBL have posted a track by Field Music called ‘Measure’
Crookers and Passion Pit have remixed Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone. Get them on

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