Marina And The Diamonds, ‘Starring Role’

It’s a new Marina. She’s back and she’s blonde, and her second studio album ‘Electra Heart’ is said to be about feminism, sexuality and as she recently told Popjustice, the “antithesis of everything that I stand for”.

She continued:

My worst fear – that’s anyone’s worst fear – is losing myself and becoming a vacuous person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious… I wanted it to be really unnatural. Like, I’ve rejected everything of myself.

And with that, she’s just unveiled a brand new demo from ‘Electra Heart’ called ‘Starring Role’ – and she’s certainly taking a stand for us females: “I’d rather walk alone than play a supporting role/If I can’t get a starring role“.

Give it a spin below, and let us know what you think of Marina’s latest song: