The Fall’s Mark E. Smith Made A Mad And Brilliant Appearance On ‘Channel 4 News’ Last Night – Watch

It may not surprise you to hear that Mark E. Smith, 58-year-old front man of The Fall, a band that is basically just him and whichever musicians he happens to be hanging out with at that time, doesn’t like technology much. In fact, he’s calling bullshit on the whole digital revolution thing.

Speaking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy in a Channel 4 News interview broadcast last night and conducted, naturally, in a pub, Smith says: “Whatever you think, y’know, 45 percent – nearly half the country – is not interested in computers, doesn’t fucking want access to them, can’t afford them. That’s British. Why does everyone have to be online? That’s not English to me.”

(Actually, Mark’s using old stats here, as a survey by the Office For National Statistics found that “in 2015, 86% of households in Great Britain (22.5 million) had internet access, up from 57% in 2006”.)

Anyway, he’s also no stranger to the world of social media, however indirectly: “There’s five fellas impersonating me [on Facebook]. ‘Cause I don’t look at it, all me mates were going: “You’ve got to look at it, Mark, you’ve gotta take it seriously.” He continues: “You have a look at them and some of them are disgusting. Something of it’s just crap.”

So, if a Mark Smith has added you on FB and is posting endless Despicable Me memes, it’s probably not the bloke who sang ‘Totally Wired’. Check out the clip below, if only to enjoy Mark E. Smith knocking back whiskey chasers while Guru-Murthy cautiously nurses a pint.