Mark Hamill Dangles Star-Wars-Spoiler Carrot To Get More Twitter Followers

The thing with Twitter is, that no-one can ever seem to get enough. We’re always chasing one extra follower, a few more retweets and praying that this is the tweet that will finally make us internet famous (for a day at least). And if you think that’s just us regular folk, you’re so wrong. Even the stars are at it.

Yep, Mark Hamill has been shamelessly self-promoting himself and trying to gain a million followers using the hashtag #hamillion – catchy. But Hamill, being Luke Skywalker and all, has a few more tricks up his sleeve than the average Joe. Upon reaching the magic number of one million followers, Hamill promised that he’d reveal exclusive spoilers for Star Wars VII, due in December 2017, when he reached six digits.

He campaigned tirelessly to get there.

Except no one actually checked the date in the midst of all that delirium.

And that was it. We’d been duped. The eternal quest for nuggets about Star Wars VII had failed miserably and were left, empty handed – still fiddling around with fan theories.

Until last night! Hamill teased that he will actually grace us with a Episode VII spoiler.

But alas, we were fooled once more as Hamill revealed next to nothing about the upcoming film that we don’t know already.

Guess he takes his role as The Joker quite seriously then.