Mary Anne Hobbs’ Scene Report – Bass Quakes And Belly Aches

I’ve just come back from a really crazy mission in America. I hit Miami for the Winter Music Conference, then popped over to Las Vegas, where there’s an amazing emerging scene for British-based bass music. I ended up bounding to LA, a place I love in terms of it being a genuine City Of Dreams. There are these incredible opportunities to really push art forward there, and you find a lot of people mixing it up, working in film as well as music, or visual art as well as music.

There are a couple of mixes I picked up in LA that I think are very special. Asura, who’s done the first, is about to release his debut album on a label called Non Project and his work is absolutely exquisite. He’s involved with the low-end electronic scene, but also the visual art scene in Los Angeles. Likewise, I had a mix and an accompanying film by an artist called Dr Strangeloop.

The film’s called 2010 and it’s about a robot – an AI deity who’s imprisoned inside his own ego. It’s a mind-blowing piece of work by this kid, who I really, really rate.


Deep Teknologi, from St Petersburg, Russia, sent me a tune called ‘Afric’, which is on the Local Action record label. It’s hard to describe what it actually is, but I suppose it’s sort of beyond dubstep. Then there’s another brilliant kid called Young Montana that I’ve just discovered.

He’s from Coventry, he’s 19 years old and I found him during one of my many epic adventures trawling through SoundCloud in the search for new music. He’s probably my favourite unsigned artist right now in 2010. Then there’s this wicked track by a kid called Kavsrave that I’ve been constantly playing on my show. It’s called ‘PClart’ and I think it’s a potential Number One record. If they could just get a Justin Timberlake vocal on it or something…

Ms Hobbs’ Top 5
1. Dr Strangeloop – ‘2010’
2. Deep Technology – ‘Afric’
3. Asura – ‘MAH mix’
4. Young Montana – ‘MAH mix’
5. Kavsrave – ‘PClart’