Massive Xmas Double Issue – Inside This Week’s NME

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The legendary Rolling Stone rock’n’roll star is the star of Christmas in 2012 (though he doesn’t remember many of his own crimbos). Read what he has to say on the reunion gigs, Xmases past and what’s going on in the Stones camp right now.


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The Queen’s Speech By Paul Weller
Who else can address the nation about the fantastic year we’ve had and how we go forward other than the Modfather? Move over, Lizzy.


Singles All The Way
This year’s celebrity panel is hosted by comic genius, Keith Lemon. Get the lowdown on what Keith, Deap Vally, Mark E Smith have to say about the biggest and most annoying hits of the year.

Palma Violets Get Wrecked Xmas Style
Wanna know how to throw the most debauched yuletide celebration? Join South London’s rowdiest bunch as they get proper trashed for the festive season.

A Very Biffy Christmas
The three noisiest men in Scotland are ready to display their Christmas trees and have a catch-up with NME. Santa Claus is comin tae toon.

Jack Whitehall Hates It All
You read that right, Jack might be TV’s funniest young man but he absolutely can’t stand brussell sprouts, the Queen’s speech or presents. WTF?!

The NME Pub Challenge 2012
DZ Deathrays, Drew from Babyshambles, Radio 1’s Jen Long, The Cast Of Cheers and BONEHEAD try to survive the annual NME pub crawl. Who wins? Who ends the night streaking down the road in Camden? Find out inside.


  • The big quiz of the year and the xmas boredom crushing crossword.
  • The rubbish (and surprisingly ok) christmas CDs and singles reviewed.
  • An interview at home with Richard Hawley.
  • Spector toast champagne to an amazing year.
  • Christmas cards designed by The Maccabees, Howler, Fucked Up and Amanda Palmer for This Is Cardcore.
  • Bets on what’s going to be this year’s xmas Number 1.
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