Matt Helders And P Diddy Have A ‘Bromance’ – Plus New Arctic Monkeys Material Revealed?

You wouldn’t think they’d have much in common. One’s a megalomaniacal hip-hop mogul who boasts of 30-hour tantric sex sessions and once employed a butler named Farnsworth; the other’s a bluff Yorkshireman who is unlikely ever to change his name or launch his own fragrance.

Then again, Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders does have his own clothing line, and he knows his hip-hop, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that he ended up back at P Diddy’s house after the Winter Music Conference in Miami last month – and filmed the results.

Actually, what strikes you is how comfortable they look together. This is no awkward meet-and-greet, there’s genuine warmth here, as Diddy serves up grits and French toast and declares, “We havin’ a bromance”, before throwing his arm round his Northern chum. Busta Rhymes is there too, as is Simian Mobile Disco member and Arctics producer James Ford, who is seen passed out by the pool after what looks like an all-night party.

“This is what happens to the white man at P Diddy’s house,” notes the rapper, pointing triumphantly at the stricken star.

Oh, and keep watching to the end (6.30) for a bit of bonus material starring Alex Turner. It sounds suspiciously like a sneak preview of the next Arctic Monkeys material. And it’s intriguing – very mellow, lots of ooh-ooh harmonies, quite Last Shadow Puppets-esque, in fact.