Matthew Dear feat. The Drums’ Jonathan Pierce, ‘In The Middle (I Met You There)’ – Free MP3

We’ve got an exclusive free download of a brand new track from DJ/producer Matthew Dear (this time, with a little help from Jonny Pierce of The Drums). Grab a free MP3 of ‘In The Middle (I Met You There)’ after the jump.

This song marks the very first duet (in his ten-year musical career) Matthew Dear’s ever collaborated on, and it’s a gorgeous one to start with (even if it’s taken him a decade to get ’round to). Plus, it’s nice to hear from The Drums again.

Check out the full song below:

And watch a video teaser (created by London-based director Morgan Beringer) here:

Matthew Dear’s ‘Headcage’ EP is out today, with a full-length album ‘Beams’ due out later this year. Click here to download the song.