Vintage guitars and retro skatewear: Matty Healy’s been sharing a few of his favourite things on the ‘gram

Warning: likely to make you feel very, very jealous

What do you do when you’re bored on tour and have run out of new things to look at on the infinite scroll of social media? If you’re The 1975‘s Matty Healy, you show off some of your favourite things from the last century on your Instagram story and make your followers cry with envy. “We at The 1975 and myself in particular are incredibly into and excited by cultural artifacts of the 20th Century!” the frontman explained before beginning his slideshow journey through his own personal museum of stuff.

“This mainly consists of punk and counter-cultural memorabilia/clothing literat[ure] and guitars,” he continued, before explaining this whole exercise wasn’t just one big digital brag. “Due to people asking me for inspo etc I will share on here some of our favourite collectibles and help you find similar stuff!” Let’s take a look at what he’s shared so far.

His pride and joy

Black Fender Jaguar


As Matty’s caption here suggests, you probably won’t have seen him playing this guitar during The 1975’s live shows. It might seem like a waste to own a guitar you rarely play, even in the studio, but who can blame him? Some things are just too precious to risk.

Some vintage t-shirts

Mortal Kombat t-shirt


Sonic Youth t-shirt

This isn’t the first time Matty’s shared some samples of his clothes collection – recently his story saw him rifling through more vintage pieces. These shirts are his pick of the crop right now, including a Sonic Youth shirt straight out of the ’90s, a Mortal Kombat top that will make gamers drool, and merch from OC punks Uniform Choice.

Uniform Choice t-shirt



Bold t-shirt


Retro skate shirts

Santa Cruz t-shirt

Blind jumper

Two iconic skateboard companies represented in these posts – the perennial Santa Cruz, an everpresent at skate parks everywhere, and California’s Blind. According to Matty, the latter is “the most perfect ’90s Blind jumper” and it does look pretty cosy for when it gets a bit chilly while you’re perfecting your heelflips and halfcabs.

More beautiful guitars

Vox Phantom

Fender Rosewood Strat

OK, we get it, Matty – you’ve owned a ton of gorgeous guitars. Pale Waves fans will recognise the 12-string Vox Phantom as one of frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie’s guitars of choice. In an interview in 2017, she revealed Matty had given it to her as a birthday gift. Our personal favourite, though, is the sea foam green Fender Jaguar below. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly rare and eye-wateringly expensive – we found one listing pricing the model at $24,000 (£19,763). Lend us a few quid, Matty?

Fender maple neck Strat

Fender XII

Fender Jaguar

Even more guitars that have featured on some era-defining records

Red Gibson

Fender Jazzmaster

Now, these guitars really are worthy of museum status. As Matty points out, the top Gibson 330 can be heard on Blondie‘s 1976 self-titled album, which featured some of their best songs, like ‘Rip Her To Shreds’ and ‘In The Flesh’. The 1963 Fender Jazzmaster below it, meanwhile, also played a part in NYC music history, appearing on The Ramones‘ seminal self-titled debut, but also on demos recorded by Talking HeadsDavid Byrne. Excuse us while we turn into a giant, green-eyed monster.