Maximo Park’s New Album ‘Quicken The Heart’ Is Heading For Number One – What’s Their Secret?

Maximo Park are a classic example of a band who just keep getting bigger, regardless of whether or not the wider media endorses them.

Most critics have been decidedly sniffy about the group’s new album ‘Quicken The Heart’, with the general thrust being, ‘Oh, they still going then?’ (not us though, we gave it 8 out of 10, calling it “the first great album of the recession”). And the single ‘The Kids Are Sick Again’ hasn’t exactly been an inescapable airplay smash.

Yet on the strength of today’s midweeks, the art-rockers’ third album looks to be heading for the number one spot (unless they are pipped by Green Day, whose album comes out on Friday for some reason) – which would make it Warp Records’ first ever chart-topper. Meanwhile, MP’s tours keep selling out.

So what’s their secret? Why are they succeeding where so many of their indie contemporaries are shedding supporters quicker than Gordon Brown?

While we’re on the subject, here’s some footage of the band playing ‘Going Missing’ for the Black Cab Sessions.

And here’s an interview we did with Paul Smith when the band dropped by the office the other day.