Meet Lana Del Rey’s spirit guide and good friend, Medium Fleur

"Lana is a tremendous advocate for mediumship"

Meet Medium Fleur – an in-demand medium based in Los Angeles, who has read for famouses such as Lana Del Rey and American Horror Story actor Emma Roberts.

Fleur has a waiting list so long it could reach the spirit world and back; you usually need to book two-to-three months in advance. As it happens, she’ll be at London’s Islington Assembly Hall next month to read for an audience she hopes to put in touch with deceased loved ones. We called her up to talk Lana, a severed head and why she can’t hook us up with Kurt Cobain…

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When did you discover your talent as a medium?

“It was always there, so I didn’t recognise it as something that I could do differently from everybody else. I don’t see the spirit world like this any longer, but when I was a child it was very three-dimensional. It was very real – very visual. People were just as real-looking as you and I. It wasn’t until I was older that that started to fade. When I was young, I thought everybody saw [the spirits] I did. I really became aware of it when I was in elementary school. You recognise that you’re a little different; you’re seeing things other people aren’t seeing.”

People are often quite sceptical about mediumship…

“I actually think it’s very good to be a sceptic. A lot of my work is evidential, so it’s good to want the experience something yourself before making up your mind. I don’t need you to believe me necessarily for me to work with you. It’s just an opportunity for you to have an experience. Whatever belief that forms for you, that’s part of the experience. So it really doesn’t bother me.”

Could you tell us a little bit about your work with Lana Del Rey?

“We just clicked. We’re good friends now. If you go see a medium, you have to feel like that person clicks with you. I might not be everybody’s medium, but there has to be some sort of connection. I have to vibe with that person. Lana is an incredibly spiritual person herself. I think she’s a wonderful person and I’m glad she found me however strange of a way that she did.”


Has her endorsement impacted on your work as a medium?

“It’s definitely helpful to have the support of someone who’s so well respected by so many people. She is a tremendous advocate for mediumship and has been really helpful for me in terms of introducing me to people who wanted to help my career. That went far beyond me doing a reading for her; it turned into much more of a friendship and I’m very grateful for that.”

The actor Emma Roberts is another famous client of yours. Are you a fan of her show American Horror Story? Or do you get enough supernatural stuff in the real world?

“Oh, I get enough of that in the real world. I watch other TV but not the supernatural stuff. At the end of a long day, you turn on the TV and you’re like, “Oh, I do that all day long.”

What’s the most impressive message you’ve received from the spirit world?

“Recently I’ve enjoyed doing readings for people where I tell them things that they didn’t know about their loved ones –and they have to go and find out. It shows that there’s an intelligence that goes beyond the here and the now. Because if I’m talking to you about someone that you know who’s passed but I’m speaking about something in their life that you had no idea about, then we’re bringing in an intelligence that’s not in the room.”

Can you share an example of that happening?

“At one of my shows, I was talking to a woman’s grandfather who’d passed. He was a lovely gentlemen. He told me all sorts of stuff and mentioned that he’d been eating out a tin can every night. I relayed this information and the woman had no idea what I was talking about. I said, “OK, we gotta move on, this is awkward.” After the show she came up to me and she said: “I called my mom in the intermission and it turns out that my grandfather worked on the railroads for 30 years of his life and dinner every night was served in a tin can.” That indicates awareness of the spirit and of something beyond me reading the woman’s face and energy.”

What’s the most difficult message you’ve received from the spirit world?

“A son and a daughter had lost their mother. She had been tragically murdered. The person who committed the murder had just broken into the house. I guess he didn’t know what to do with the body, so he ended up driving around with body parts in his car – including a head on the backseat – for 24 hours in New York City until somebody happened to look in the car.”

Was that not quite traumatising for you?

“The image was dreamlike for me, but it’s still not the kind of reading where you just go on with your day. At the same time, there is so much need there. It’s such a horrific death that while it might be a little taxing on me, that’s nothing compared to the emotional taxation that that family has suffered. So if I can give them a bit of relief by seeing a snapshot for a minute, that’s fine.”

Have you ever been approached to work on a criminal investigation?

“Yeah, I do work from time to time on cases. Generally I work on cold cases. The way the justice system works at the moment is that mediums aren’t consulted until it’s a last-ditch effort. It would be really wonderful if mediums were approached from the get-go. That would be more helpful than working on a case that’s so far in the past that any evidence is already gone. But [investigative work] is some of my favourite work because it changes the way people view those who have passed through murder. It lets them know that their loved one isn’t suffering and is OK.”

What’s the most gratifying response you’ve received from a client?

“I read for a woman and her husband – who had not been in the reading – emailed me to say: “Thank you for giving me my wife back.” Because it had been 15 years since she had lost a child and she had just not been able to get through the day for 15 years. The reading was able to give her validation and peace that her son was being taken care of and that she no longer had to worry, or to live her life at a standstill.”

Are you able to communicate with specific deceased people? There are a few famous musicians we’d like a chat with…

“You would have to know the person you want to connect to. I can’t just throw up a flame because you say, “I wanna talk to Jimi Hendrix.” You would have to know him personally or there would have to be a very strong connection there. Because he wouldn’t know to be in the room. So that is a limitation, but if you come into a reading and you have a desire to connect with someone and that person has a desire to connect with you too, there is going to be a connection made.”

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