Megan Thee Stallion at Glastonbury 2022: potential future headliner material

The Houston Hottie smashes her first-ever Glastonbury set on The Other stage, so why not plead her case in being a future headlining contender?

There’s a magnetism about the Houston Hot Girl’s performances: once you see one, you want to see them over and over again. In recent years, Megan Thee Stallion has become a rapper, whose speedy rise to the top filled with cocky lyrics and boisterous flows made her the trailblazer she’s always meant to be.

2019’s breakthrough hit, ‘Big Ol’ Freak’, the song was naughty, hot, and got all the girlies feeling themselves in the club. A few strong collaborations with fellow rising cocksure stars later and the Hottie was seen as a force to be reckoned with.

At her Glastonbury set on The Other Stage this Saturday night, she ditches her colourful wigs and cartoonish looks for a sleek all-black number as she and her girls mean business. Getting in formation with all the high-octane dance routines, including the viral TikTok ones too, they give us a fun performance to shake our tooshes to. Here’s why a path to future Pyramid headliner is starting to emerge…

She has the hits


As aforementioned, Megan has a long list of party-starting hits for any genre. If you’re a pop lover, Megan’s newest collaboration with dominating pop princess Dua Lipa, ‘Sweetest Pie’, is perfect. And if you’re down for real rap, her Tina Snow-era boasts some of her best lyrical work with the exuberant ‘Freak Nasty’. Her discography has all the bops and even a few viral Number Ones to keep the whole of Worthy Farm going.

Credit: Andy Ford for NME

She has the stage prowess

What comes from having such hits is an abundance of experience performing them. And Megan’s festival CV is not a chump list. She’s headlined this year’s Primavera Sound, and even has been on the main stage of the prolific Coachella. Surely, the world-famous Worthy Farm should be graced with her presence. This time, she assembles a squad of curvaceous dancing ladies to break it down in the dance breaks, doing squats, strutting, voguing – at the end, they even do the viral TikTok dance to her first-ever US Number One, ‘Savage’ with Queen Bey. Maybe Beyoncé would come out on the Pyramid stage for Thee Stallion – it’s all on the cards.

There’s only been a handful of rap headliners

Looking back upon the long list of monstrous field-filling headliners we’ve had, there have only been four rap juggernauts to grace the Pyramid stage; Jay-Z, Kanye West, Stormzy, and (this year’s closing headliner) Kendrick Lamar. But why not add another to that list? Gaining some of the biggest roars of the night for her dancing squad and animated rapping, she can appease those who loved Jay-Z’s lyricism, Kanye West’s eccentrics, and bring her unique Megan-ness.

She’d be the first female rapper to headline the Pyramid stage

And even though there’s only been a few rap stars taking over the Pyramid stage, if Megan was to headline the glorious stage there’s yet to be a rapping lady to do so. And at her set, she proved easily that by herself she can move a crowd with it stretching from the food stalls over to Sliver Hayes’ dance village. Every booty was shaking and arms were waving – that’s what you need for a great headliner; pure energy. Paired with the potential for another historic moment, her Pyramid stage debut is bound to be a marvellous spectacle and inspiring to other women out there.

She has a message

Eclipsing her already very successful career, ‘WAP’ with the dominating pop star Cardi B became a revolutionary track all about reclaiming women’s bodies. At her Glastonbury debut, she reinforces this by speaking out against Roe v Wade: the Supreme Court’s overturning of federal abortion laws. She said that “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t call out these stupid men” before “on the record” stating that “the motherfucking hot girls and hot boys do not support this bullshit” and leads the crowd chants of “my body, my rules”.


Credit: Andy Ford for NME

Megan Thee Stallion played:

‘Realer Than Real’
‘Megan’s Piano’
‘Freak Nasty’
‘Simon Says’
‘Big Ol’ Freak’
‘Sex Talk’
‘Eat It’
‘Captain Hook’
‘Cash Shit’
‘Thot Shit’
‘Plan B’
‘What’s New’
‘Don’t Stop’
‘Hot Girl Summer’
‘Girls In The Hood’

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