Mercury Prize – What We’ve Learned

Let’s have a little recap about last night’s Mercury shenanigans, shall we? In addition to last night’s coverage, here are some of the more random things we noticed at the ceremony.

1. Blur’s Dave Rowntree can’t get arrested. He spent a good five minutes trying to convince bouncers he was who he said he was after someone else appeared to have snuck in to the ceremony using his name. Security: “So are you actually David Rowntree then?”

2. Glasvegas’ nomination gong lasted roughly two hours before being broken – by their manager. “Don’t worry, it looks like it’ll glue,” she told the distraught band.

3. Rab Allan refuses to wear nail polish…unless it’s by Chanel (see the above pic). Also: Paul Donoghue loves ‘Be Here Now’. Unashamedly.

4. The doctor who treated Friendly Fires’ Jack Savidge yesterday is a massive fan of the band – hence why he gave the drummer permission to leave the hospital and come to the ceremony.

5. The Horrors’ ‘clothes designer’ has impeccable taste in rings. He wouldn’t tell us his name but was more than keen to show off the gothic jewellery weighing down his right hand.

6. Both La Roux and Friendly Fires were REALLY nervous on the red carpet.

7. Noel Fielding is especially inventive with his head scarf. He came back from the bogs mid ceremony with it not on his bonnet but tied from his wrist to the arm of a lady friend. That’s one way of pulling, we suppose.

8. Pixie Geldof doesn’t like The Horrors. She faced the other direction and chatted the whole way through their performance of ‘Who Can Say’. Perhaps it’s something to do with Faris being Peaches’ ex??