Metronomy’s Joe Mount – Christmas Q&A

In the first of our festive interviews the Metronomy main man talks R Kelly, Call Of Duty, Wham! and the meaning of Christmas

What have you got lined up for Christmas this year?
It’s my first Christmas as an uncle so I’m going to have to slip into the role of being a strange uncle, it’s a new era for me this year.

Metronomy's Joe Mount

What have been your highlights of 2011?
Everything — we’ve just had a crazy year. The show at the Albert Hall was pretty amazing. It’s impossible to choose!

And what was your weirdest moment of 2011?
Seeing R Kelly air drumming to ‘The Bay’, when we did Jools Holland.

Did you get a quick word in with R?
Well I did try but I had to settle for giving a CD to his bodyguard in the end.

And the most embarrassing moment?
We did this homecoming thing which was a bit embarrassing, I mean we were really happy to be there but it felt a bit like showing off or something.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
Call of Duty, and I’d like a new Zelda for my 3DS. I was late to it to be honest, I got hand-me-down computers from my friend so it’s only recently I’ve discovered the world of Zelda.

New Year’s resolutions?
Stop touring! It’s been crazy this year.

What’s the most drunken Christmas bash you’ve ever been to?
I’ve never, ever managed to get drunk on Christmas Day because I’ve eaten too much and can’t physically drink anymore, although I’ve certainly tried. Whenever I went back home we’d all get really drunk the night before Christmas. It’s nice though, when I was young I’d wake up at 5am but nowadays it’s more like one in the afternoon.

What’s the true meaning of Christmas?
D’you know what? I’m not even sure any more. When I was younger I would have said to get toys and stuff, but I don’t know now.

Who would be your hero of 2011?
Well I’m not a fan of rugby in the slightest but my hero would probably have to be that guy [Manu Tuilagi] that made a total tit of himself by jumping off a ferry and trying to swim back to harbour. He got arrested, didn’t he?

And your villain?
Dr Conrad Murray, the man who’s to blame for killing Michael Jackson even though he was obviously doing what Michael Jackson told him to do. It’s complete rubbish, but I suppose if ever there was a villain needed it was someone to blame for the death of Michael Jackson. So he’s more of a comedy villain, I suppose.

Who would you like to get under the mistletoe?
Ooh, I think I’d go for Gillian Anderson aka Scully from The X Files.

You think she’s still got it then?
Yeah, I think she’s getting more attractive as she gets older. She’s a late-bloomer.

Wham! or Slade?
Oh god. [Despondent] Wham!