Five Things You Need To Know About MIA’s New Track ‘Go Off’

Yesterday, MIA announced her new album ‘AIM’, after threatening to rebel against her record label and leak it to the world. It’s out on September 9, but last night she shared the record’s first track, ‘Go Off’. From guest collaborations, braggy lyrics and how she’s gonna top her previous videos, here’s everything you need to know about her return.

It’s the first track from her “last” album
There’s no confirmed tracklisting for the record as yet, but as far as we’re aware ‘Go Off’ is the first track we’ve heard from what she’s calling her last album. When pressed whether ‘AIM’ really will be the last full-length we get from her in an interview with Annie Mac last night (July 14), she seemed pretty adamant.

She’s as strong as ever
So I stay way up on a level/Like my name is Neymar and you know I’m not normal,” she raps at one point on ‘Go Off’, referencing Brazil and Barcelona striker Neymar. It’s a classic MIA brag and one that she justifies later by saying: “I had to go off to stay strong“. She’s certainly doing that.

Skrillex and Blaqstarr steer the track
‘AIM’ has “mad people coming together on it” and two of those guests feature here. In her Radio 1 interview, the rapper described Skrillex and Blaqstarr as “two opposite worlds, two opposite DJs”, but together the steer the mood of the track. There’s some typically weird sounds from Skrilly, while Baltimore’s Blaqstarr provides some subtle footwork undertones.

It shows MIA’s “other side”
‘AIM’ is, according to MIA, her “cleanest” album yet. ‘Go Off’ might be full of braggadocio, but it’s nowhere near as angry as her fieriest cuts from years past. Instead, she sounds largely relaxed throughout, gliding over her guests’ bright production. She says the rest of the album has “no complaints on it” and, so far, happy MIA is sounding good to us.

The video is going to be of a grain of sand
She might have a reputation for consistently delivering strong, often controversial music videos, but it seems MIA’s taking a different tack. “I really wanted to make a video without human beings,” she told Annie Mac. “I’m sick of human beings. This is like a zoom-in shot of a grain of sand. I am not messing with human beings right now. Jeremy Corbyn followed me on Twitter the other day so I’m happy right now.”