M.I.A., Teej, The Krays (Brodinski & Yuksek), B.O.B. – Free MP3 Downloads

Popping his Daily Download cherry today is Brighton-via-Hokkaido electronica prodigy Teej. The digital tearaway eloped to Japan to create his new four-track ‘Thirst EP’ which is being offered free by tastemaker label Blood & Biscuits (the people to thank for our Tall Ships and Three Trapped Tigers downloads of late).


This track’s is a bit like TTT albeit gone chiptone techno. It’s all tinny and anthemic like an end-of-level fanfare bent out of recognition – think Game Gear dropped in the toilet by an unscrupulous older brother. Behold.


The Krays, meanwhile, have nothing to do with the kneecap-knackering East End dynasty that run certain clubs in London (or the terrible punk band of the same name thrown up by googling their MySpace). Instead they’re only Brodinski and Yuksek working together as one, and perhaps inevitably the track they’ve come up with, ‘We’re Ready When You Are’, is a bass heavy monster complete with vocals from Ebony Bones. Let us know what you think of the tracks below.


(For more Yuksek on the DD head here and here)

Elsewhere on the net

M.I.A.’s put a new track up online, ‘XXXO’. Download it here and wade into the debate about the track on the Reviews Blog.

RCRD LBL have an excellent Villains remix of B.O.B.’s ‘Nothing On You’