Remembering the time Michael Jackson and George Harrison reviewed new tunes on BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 shared the footage with NME to celebrate its 50th birthday

BBC Radio 1 turns 50 tomorrow (September 30). To mark the mega anniversary, the station is running a 3-day digital station called Radio 1 Vintage, featuring 50 one-hour themed nostalgic shows made up of archive material across Radio 1’s history. As part of the celebrations, NME is lucky enough to be able to share the above archive clip of Michael Jackson and George Harrison discussing Dave Edmunds’ ‘A.1. On The Jukebox’ on the Roundtable show in February 1979. 

In this short but fascinating clip from the show, Dave Edmunds’s single from 1978 album ‘Tracks on Wax 4′ is under consideration. George Harrison remarks that it “reminds me straight off of The Everly Brothers’ ‘Walk Right Back’ speeded up a bit, except for the bridge”, calling it “pretty different” and “nice”.


Michael Jackson, meanwhile, says that the story “seems like rock’n’roll, kinda. It reminded me of an old tune when it kicked off, the style of the music. I like the story. but why did he end it with ‘I’m nowhere?'” Harrison then suggests that “it’s ‘nowhere on the charts’. It’s like a country/western type idea. It’s a good idea for a lyric.”

During the conversation the pair also discuss their shared love of Buddy Holly and Little Richard, and discuss writing their own material.

“Did you guys always write your own stuff?” asks Michael. “Yeah,” replies George, “well John and Paul wrote right from before we ever made records.”

“How did you manage that?” enquires Michael, to which George responds: “I don’t know – they were clever little fellas.” Listen to the recording in full above.

Audio is copyright BBC Radio 1.

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