HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ – Mick Jagger On What It Was Like In 1970s New York

Vinyl, a new HBO series created by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter tells the story of ’70s New York through the hedonistic lens of rock’n’roll. Beginning in 1973, it’s about a struggling record label and a new signing called The Nasty Bits, whose frontman is played by Jagger’s son, James.

Speaking about the unmistakeable era, Jagger discusses the art, music, painting and literature of the time in the below video, commenting, “It was a time when New York was in a very bad financial state. Not a really good place to live if you’re bringing up a family, it’s horrible. If you were single and a musician, it’s slightly different. I worked with Andy [Warhol] – we did a couple of record covers, I used to hang out in the Factory, we did a series of lithographs together. It was a fascinating time. Very quick creative processes… for me it was an amazing place to be.”

Ahead of the show’s release you can examine the musical landscape of the era (see HBO’s Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page) and look around the musical hotspots of New York via their map atVinyl Cuts, HBO’s dedicated website. And for a sneak peek at some of the characters, including James Jagger’s character Kip Stevens, see below.