Midwest Gruff Punkery – Free North Lincoln MP3

Sometimes, there is order and beauty in chaos. While that may sound like the sort of stuff boys say to girls to make them think they’re sensitive enough to sleep with, it’s rarely as true in practice as within the glorious world of punk rock. Take North Lincoln, a three-piece from Michigan who make shouty, noisy, effortlessly melodic blue-collar punk and manage to cram in all the romance, delicacy and wonder of life into these cacophonic symphonies.

It was their split with You Me And The Atom Bomb that first brought them to my attention but their album ‘Truth Is A Menace’ on No Idea is probably the best example of their skills thus far. Big yet intimate and never anything less than thoroughly impassioned, North Lincoln are like a more abrasive Lawrence Arms. You can see that whole Midwestern thing going on (North Lincoln are from Michigan, Lawrence Arms are from Chicago so, geographically speaking as well as musically, they’re not a million miles from one another) with tales of malaise and boredom nestling with love stories and and everything else that comes along with being unwilling to pour yourself into the 9-5 grind.

Here’s a tune from their new album ‘Midwestern Blood’, again on No Idea. Download it, let me know what you think – and then buy the new album cheap-as-hell direct from NI.

Download North Lincoln‘s ‘Bridge Jumpers’ here.