Mike Joyce Just Found Morrissey’s Handwritten Lyrics For Smiths Track ‘The Headmaster Ritual’

When your average person has a root around their basement, the best they’ll probably find is an amusing old school photo or something that’ll fetch 20 quid on Flog It. When ex-Smiths drummer Mike Joyce has a rifle through the archives, however, the results are a lot more exciting.

Taking to his Facebook page late last night, Joyce posted a set of original lyrics for Smiths track ‘The Headmaster Ritual’, handwritten by Morrissey, with the amusingly innocuous caption “just been in the basement sorting out some boxes”.

The opening track on 1985’s ‘Meat Is Murder’, the second Smiths’ album, it finds Morrissey railing in typically disgusted form about the “belligerent ghouls” and “spineless swines” that run the local education system. Impressively, the handwritten lyrics are identical to the ones that made the final cut for the track, without even so much as a crossing out: then, as now, Morrissey clearly knew precisely what he wanted to say.

Just been in the basement sorting out some boxes and here’s a little snippet of what I found. These hand written lyrics by Moz for ‘The Headmaster Ritual’

Posted by Mike Joyce on Wednesday, 12 August 2015