Mike Skinner Is Back – Inside This Week’s NME

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The former Streets man talks to NME about life, his career, ending one project and starting another – The D.O.T. with Rob Harvey.


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Alt-J In America!
Everyone’s talking about this year’s least-likely-to band. They’ve been visiting Texas – just one of the many stops on their stratospheric rise.


Pussy Riot Talks
One member of Pussy Riot has been released from prison in Russia. NME bags an exclusive interview about the harsh conditions and what the plan is now.

Azealia Banks Throws A Party
New York’s mouthy rapper played a gig in the London Aquarium called “The Mermaids Ball”. People came dressed as mermaids. There were sharks. Read all about it.

The Name’s Bond…
Skyfall – is it the greatest Bond in 50 years of Bond? Quite possibly YES.

Howler Kick Off The Generation Next Tour
Howler, Gross Magic and The Cast Of Cheers play the first night of the NME Generation Next Tour in Bournemouth. Fun ensues.

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