Mike Tyson showed Migos round his luxury pad while singing ‘Versace’

The boxing legend showed off his collection of pigeons, obviously.

Migos are riding a wave right now. Rap’s hottest trio are winning over new fans every minute – some of which were barely a year old when 2013 mixtape ‘Young Rich N***as’ came out.

Next in the Atlanta group’s line of amazing, previously unimaginable experiences: a tour of boxing legend Mike Tyson’s Vegas mansion. It’s a short visit, but it manages to include some priceless moments.

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Best of all is Tyson showing off his pigeon pen. For those who don’t know, Mike Tyson really likes pigeons. Swapping knockout blows for a zen, peaceful lifestyle, the former heavyweight champion of the world is now a wholesome, bird-loving vegan. Migos get a first-hand look at the veritable pigeon palace. These pigeons live one hell of a pampered lifestyle. They even drink FIJI-branded bottled water, for crying out loud. “They always come back,” Tyson claims, “unless a hawk gets them, or something. Sometimes a hawk or a falcon gets them.”

As well as checking out the pigeon pen, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset check out Tyson’s famous boxing memorabilia and pay compliments after watching his 8-year-old daughter play piano. Quavo takes a particular interest in his white tiger, saying he wants to get one of his own.

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The grand mansion tour ends in the only way it possibly could – with Tyson riffing to the lyrics of Migos’ ‘Versace’. Amazing.