Miles Kane – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?

Testing musicians’ memories after a lifetime of abuse


How many tanks are there in the video to The Last Shadow Puppets’ 2008 single ‘The Age Of The Understatement’?
Wrong. Six
“I was going to say six. Give me that, c’mon!”
No. Was Moscow as cold as it looked?
“Yeah. We were wearing all-in-one thermals underneath the suits and the coats. It
was freezing, but a great day.”

Your old band, The Rascals, covered Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘All That
Jazz’ for 2009 film Awaydays, based on the novel by Kevin Sampson. Sampson used to manage which Liverpool band?

“This is solid. I don’t fucking know, do I?”
Wrong. The Farm
“I wouldn’t have got that!”


Noel Gallagher sings on ‘My Fantasy’ on your new solo album and you’ve just supported Beady Eye on their UK tour. What is Noel and Liam’s mum called?
“It is Pam?”
Wrong. Peggy. Or Mrs G to you and me
“Peggy. Fuck, yes. You should give me that!”
How’s the support with Beady Eye going?
“There’s a great vibe. Liam’s digging my new songs and he’s watching the gigs from the sides. And that just makes me buzz.”

You’ve dated model Agyness Deyn. Name two other rock stars she’s also stepped out with…
“Albert Hammond Jr and The Paddingtons’ Josh [Hubbard].”
Correct. Also Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet. Now she’s apparently dating actor James Franco. Models, eh?

Arctic Monkeys cover your other old band The Little Flames’ ‘Put Your Dukes Up, John’ on the B-side to which single?
“Er… (Thinks for ages) ‘The View From
The Afternoon?’”
Wrong. ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’
“Fuck. I’d forgotten about that!”
How did you and Alex get so chummy?
“It started when we were 17. I was in The Little Flames and we did some gigs together. They were starting out, I was starting out, I liked his music, he liked my guitar playing.
It was just one of them beautiful things. He’s like
a brother to me now.”

Jack White joined The Last Shadow Puppets onstage at 2008’s Glastonbury to help you cover Billy Fury’s ‘Wondrous Place’. How did you ensure White knew the guitar part?
“We went into his dressing room, played him the song and made him learn it in about 20 minutes.”

‘The Age Of The Understatement’ was nominated for 2008’s Mercury Prize. Which album won instead?
Correct, Elbow’s ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’. How did you feel to be nominated?
“It changed my life. I’ll never forget it.”


From what receptacle were you drinking onstage at Mojo Bar in Liverpool in November 2010?
“A flask. I was drinking honey and lemon. How did you know I had a flask?”
We’re NME. We know everything. Is honey and lemon your normal rock’n’roll tipple of choice?
“It is when I’ve lost my voice!”


What colour tie did you wear to the Shockwaves NME Awards in February this year?
It looked more like maroon to us
“It’s purple, believe me. When it comes to ties I’m fucking on it, man. It was purple.”
Calm down, dear! Correct

Which three bodies of water surround the Wirral?
“I beg your pardon?”
You’re from the Wirral, which is surrounded by which…
“I heard you. The Mersey and… fucking hell. I don’t fucking know!”
Wrong. The River Dee, the River Mersey and the Irish Sea

Total Score: 5/10
“I think the memory is fine, I just didn’t know what I didn’t get. It’s not like I’ve forgotten!”