Miles Kane, ‘First Of My Kind’ – Review

‘First Of My Kind’, the lead song from Miles Kane’s new EP (released on vinyl for Record Store Day on April 21, and officially the following day), marks uncharted territory for Mr Kane – not least because he’s never actually got past the debut album point with any of his other acts.

If there’s one thing we never thought we’d say about the lady-lovin’ Miles (his flirt trajectory at the NME Awards made for astonishing viewing), it’s that he seems to have learned a thing or two about commitment. And secondly, while The Last Shadow Puppets’ album was flamboyant in its own sumptuous strings-led way, here Miles ratchets up the bombast with amounts of brass so heady it makes Mark Ronson’s ‘Version’ album sound minimal.

Is this change of tack a good thing? Absolutely. This is still Miles as we know and love him – but now there seems to be more of him. His powerful Lennon-licked vocals bluster with reinvigorated force; the creepy Scott Walker-ish rhythms tip-toe towards the gates of ‘Bond theme pastiche’ but thankfully stay the right side of them. We’ll call his wordplay, erm, classic rather than cliché (he notes that an object of affection is “as cold as ice” at least once), and that’s fine: Miles is becoming more of a class act with each cheeky guylinered wink.

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