Milo Cordell’s Scene Report – Discordant Mutant Mutations

Milo Cordell unveils his latest underground discoveries

As I write I’m currently trying to find my passport – we’re about to fly out to Chicago to play Lollapalooza. I’m psyched to be playing it, even more so as we’re doing a club show the night before with this band White Car. They’re kinda like early Ministry before they turned heavy. They play with a whole bunch of TVs onstage and they’ve got an EP coming out on my friend’s label Hippos In Tanks.

The first track, ‘No Better’, is really cool. Fluker Love, meanwhile, is Andrew Goldspink. As his MySpace states, it sounds like ‘Loveless’ recorded for £1.50. But what it lacks in recording technique it makes up in… recording technique, if you know what I mean.

Echo Lake probably have a similar record collection to Fluker Love. They were once a bedroom project but have now mutated into a five-piece. You can feel these guys being around for rather a long time, and I also wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up being label mates with them.

I’m also loving Games. It’s a side-project of Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin), who I feel has put out one of the albums of the year in ‘Returnal’. Games starts almost where ‘Returnal’ finishes – blissful keyboards and vocal swells – but is slightly more pop focused. It’s more influenced by ’90s R&B than Aphex Twin, and the songs are more contained and refined. Finally, Chocolate Girl has been something we’ve been playing around the Merok office for some time now. It’s kinda two-step influenced dubstep – I’m sure NME’s New Music Editor can think of some witty genre to call it! – and I’d say the choice cut from his MySpace is ‘Bless Me’. Anyway, I’ve got a plane to catch,
so thanks for listening…

Milo’s Top 5
1. White Car – ‘No Better’
2. Fluker Love – ‘Out Of Love’
3. Echo Lake – ‘Young Silence’
4. Games – ‘Heartlands’
5. Chocolate Girl – ‘Bless Me’

This article originally appeared in the August 21 issue of NME

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