Milo Cordell’s Scene Report – Discordant Mutations

Milo of The Big Pink/Merok Records reveals his new band tips

Everything’s going well at the moment. We’ve got a few more shows here in the US before we’re back in the UK for the May tour. Right now, I’m quite near the Grand Canyon, because we’ve got a day off. I can actually see all the coloured rock right in front of me, but apparently we can’t get to it because the roads are closed. Shame!

Anyway, we played with this great band over here called Von Haze on the last tour. It’s this guy called Travis and his wife, and he’s just an incredible guitar player. They have a track, ‘Sad Girls’, which is amazing. I’ve just seen their CD and it’s actually produced by Richard Fearless from Death In Vegas. Then there’s Dallas’ Darktown Strutters, who are really weird. They’ve got this track called ‘Lucifer Rising’. It’s kind of like if Gang Gang Dance got even stranger…

Back home, there’s this guy called Jai Paul, who I think’s going to be the next big thing… maybe. He’s a 21-year-old Indian kid from Rayners Lane. He’s got this one track called ‘BTSTU’…I can’t begin to describe what he sounds like. It could only come from that end of the Piccadilly Line though. It’s this Indian-infused crunk/hip-hop/soul thing… just look at his MySpace. He’s got an amazing picture of him with his old driver’s licence there, too.

There’s also a song by oOoOO – ‘NoSummr4u’ – that’s like taking the weirdest bit of pop music and fucking with it even more and coming up with something even poppier. Another track that’s good is ‘See Birds’ by Balam Acab. It’s essentially just a dubby dance track with a vocal take over the top, but it’s all screwed and chopped and warped. It’s a mutation of new music.

Milo’s Top 5
1. Von Haze – ‘Sad Girls’
2. Darktown Strutters – ‘Lucifer Rising’
3. Jai Paul – ‘BTSTU’
4. oOoOO – ‘NoSummr4u’
5. Balam Acab – ‘See Birds’