Mistajam’s Jampacked: the Radio 1 DJ on eight unmissable acts playing his UK club nights

Mistajam’s Jampacked began life eight years ago as a one-off event in Room 2 of London’s Fabric. For years the Radio 1 DJ put the idea on ice – but now it’s back, with a great agenda.

“I’ve been thinking of things from my perspective in the club world at the moment,” he explains. “Everyone was facing the DJ, it was: ‘What kind of selfie can I get?’ or ‘What shot of the DJ can I get dropping this specific record?’ rather than having your head down and having a laugh and having a party. The whole point of Jampacked was to bring that party ethos back. Where it’s not necessarily about you being the coolest person or its not necessarily about the trainers that you’re wearing or whatever. It’s about various different people from various different walks of life all coming together to have a really big party.”

“It won’t be uniform. No two nights will be the same: come to expect the unexpected. Expect to hear some great music, some really great underground stuff, some good commercial stuff, some stuff from across the genres. And just come to enjoy yourself – there’s no dress code, there’s none of that kind of stuff. It’s an open party.”

Ahead of taking the event up to Liverpool’s Creamfields in August, Mistajam is curating three Jampacked nights in March and April – in London, Portsmouth and Southampton. We asked him what to expect at each one.

XOYO, London, March 23

1. P Money

“P Money is someone I’ve supported for the past decade on radio. He’s one of those artists that has been a real perennial. If you want quality lyricism and you want a great, big selection and energetic music, then P Money always delivers. It’s been really nice seeing the way he’s developed over the course of the past decade. It took him ten years to release his debut album, and the reason why he took that time is to make sure that he got it right – and I think he really delivered last year with ‘Live and Direct’.


He’s a producer that I’ve been supporting for quite a while now. I was kind of introduced to him through the MTA Records guys. It feels like he’s on the verge of really breaking out of the underground house scene with his new record ‘Icy Feet’. So it’s really nice to be able to get him on a line up at this point. I think this time next year it will be impossible to afford him to be able to play any club night like this.

Live For Something by TCTS

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3. Logan Sama 

Basically he’s the grime minister. We’ve been threatening to do a live event together for quite a while. He actually played on an old lineup I put together the first time I did Jampacked back in 2009 at Fabric. It will be really nice to get him back on the lineup as well.

4. Dobby

She’s an amazing DJ, she’s absolutely brilliant. She does the Witchezz Brew radio show on Represent. I haven’t been that excited in a DJ and a broadcaster for a long time, as I am excited by Dobby.

Dobby ~ With Treehouse Vibes ~ 24 Jan 17 by Reprezent 107.3FM

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Astoria, Portsmouth, April 16

1. Patrick Nazemi

“He’s one of those guys that I’ve played alongside a number of times, and first and foremost as an Ibiza Rocks resident. And he’s absolutely crazy and completely fearless in the best possible way. In terms of a DJ and a selector, he’s not afraid to play anything to get the crowd going.

“He will go from the most underground of underground records to throwing in an a cappella over the top, to doing some free-deck mixing to scratching. But then maybe throwing in a singer that is slightly more commercial. He always manages to pull it around. And the thing that I’ve always noticed about his sets is that whenever I see him play, I’m always surprised by the way he’s able to transition from one thing to the next. Again, it’s that ethos that anything goes and he’s definitely that sort of guy. You know, he will jump on a mic, he will jump on a deck but he’s actually mixing at the same time.”

Patrick Nazemi Mix by Switch Nightclub

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2. Gotsome 

“He’s from Bristol. He’s a DJ and producer, and I suppose you could say that he cut his teeth through the bass-house scene. But he pretty much makes really good quality party music that I find quite hard to categorize. And again, as a DJ and as a producer and as an artist, he’s someone that I think you can expect the unexpected from. He’s got that Bristol-bass mentality of… he will just play anything that works, keeping it really true to himself a bit. Not really taking himself too seriously. With a name like Gotsome you get that feeling already.”

[BBC Radio 1 World Exclusive] GotSome – Bump That (MistaJam Radio Rip 20.12.2016) by This Ain’t Bristol

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Switch, Southampton, April 16

1. MJ Cole 

“MJ Cole is a real godfather of UK garage, I don’t think he gets the credit that he deserves. A lot of the garage records that he made back in the day, he wasn’t doing under his own name, he was ghost-producing for a lot of people. And as a DJ he again is just one of those people that keeps a crowd going. I think that he always brings that educational vibe to his set because he will play something that might have been a B-side of a very rare garage release that was put out in 1998 and sold 500 copies. But then he’ll drop in one of his classics and one of the few people from that garage scene that has remained relevant throughout all of the eras.”

Alcatraz by MJ Cole

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2. James HYPE 

“He’s one of those guys who can go and play the most commercial of commercial clubs and then go and play a really underground club and he will tailor his set to the crowd that are in front of him. As a producer, he’s been responsible for some of the most-played bootlegs over the course of the past year and a half. Pretty much taking hip-hop vocals and underpinning that with a real four-to-the-floor house sensibility. And again he’s one of those artists who literally just signed a deal with Warner Music, so it’s interesting to see where he goes next.”

What should people expect at Jampacked?