Modulate – Your New Skull Candy

Modulate is a Manchester-based industrial project created by Wendyhouse DJ Geoff Lee that seamlessly manages to blend sub-genres of modern electronic music into a distinct and original sound.

After first gaining notoriety in 2006, when the song ‘Skull****‘ began to take over alternative dancefloors worldwide, the EP stormed charts in Europe and Lee took his band out on the road and toured with VNV Nation and Combichrist in 2007.

before releasing the freakishly addictive album ‘Detonation‘ which dropped in September last year and was welcomed on the scene like a shiny glowstick to help listeners wade through an otherwise bleak musical landscape.

Having just recently finished a tour in support Alec Empire around the UK, things are going well for Modulate. The live unit’s ultra-heavy beat and punk aesthetic make for an absolutely blistering live performance…ouch!

Allow me to break it down for you – if you were to mix the defiant sounds of The Prodigy in with the precision of early Pendulum and the hard-hitting dark appeal of aforementioned electroheads CC, then you might get somewhere close to the awesome aural impact.

Every track should have its time to shine as part of your ultimate industrial playlist. I challenge you to disagree. This music is hard and it’s very dirty.

For more information head over to the official MySpace