Month In Music – The Best Things We Heard In April

As our regulars will know, every month we look back at the musical events that have transpired in the time it’s taken for the moon to orbit the earth. We like to ask NME’s crack team of writers what the best thing they’ve heard recently is. However, this month we have a problem:

NME Deputy Editor Eve Barlow:


NME Reviews Editor Tom Howard:


NME writer Matthew Horton:


NME News Editor Dan Stubbs:


The whole world has gone Daft, leaving me to scribble out the words ‘Get Lucky’ over and over and over again like a desperate, broken man in a casino at 5am. Whether it’s Nile Rodgers incomparable funkiness, Pharrell’s irresistable flirtiness or Daft Punk’s own robot magic, there’s something for everyone. Not only has the song earned Daft Punk their first UK number one, but it’s already been stunningly reimagined by Daughter and even got Michael Jackson himself up and moonwalking again. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.


Childhood – ‘Solemn Skies’
Good as ‘Get Lucky’ is, though, there’s plenty of other great stuff happening too. NME Radar boss Matt Wilkinson nominates the new Childhood single as the best thing he’s heard all month. Here’s what our man David Renshaw had to say about it in his Radar piece on the band:

‘Solemn Skies’ is the first taste of what’s in store. It’s a striking reintroduction to the four-piece (the band is now completed by bassist Daniel Salamons and drummer Chris O’Driscoll), a song that’s as bright and dreamy as a thousand sunrises. “I had this John Lennon moment when it came to me in a dream and I had to get up and just record it in my pants,” says Ben.

The Knife – ‘Shaking The Habitual’ Deputy Editor Lucy Jones picks out the fourth studio album by Swedish electronic music duo The Knife as her pick of April’s shower of good tunes. Here’s what she had to say:

‘Shaking The Habitual’ does just that. It bundles you up and takes you, on a ‘Crake’ of course – there’s a song on the album named for the skulking crow – to a sonic world far, far away. At times industrial, at other harmonic, but always bracing, The Knife’s fourth studio album sees sibling Dreijer displaying their boundary-breaking confidence. After hearing it, I feel like I’ve come out of the wash anew and invigorated.

So there’s our picks – now it’s over to you: what’s the best thing you heard this month?