Most Disappointing Album Of The Year?

We’ve already revealed our pick of the best albums of 2010, and shed some light on the under-rated records that slipped through the net a bit.

But what about the albums that completely sucked balls? OK, that’s a bit strong. This blog is not really for the total stinkers – the Michael Bubles of this world. It’s more about the albums you hoped might be good, but ultimately failed to deliver.

Personally, having waited years for a follow-up to ‘The Trails Of Van Occupanther’, I was hugely let down by Midlake’s ‘The Courage Of Others’. So tedious! Have to admit I found Sufjan Stevens’ The Age Of Adz’ hard work, too.

Kings Of Leon’s ‘Come Around Sundown’ was surely the most high-profile dud of the year, and I stand by the snitty review of it I wrote. Here are a few other picks from people in the office.

Jamie Fullerton: Cee Lo Green, ‘The Lady Killer’. I used to be obsessed with his solo stuff, and if the new brass-soul pastiche direction had been as good as ‘Fuck You’ throughout then fab – but it wasn’t even as good as Plan B’s album.

Laura Snapes: Paul Smith, ‘Margins’. What could have been a witty, self-effacing account of a break-up turned out to be a cringingly awkward, wallowing whine that made everyone side with the girl who broke the hatted one’s heart – and not least when he admitted to perving on her getting soaped up through the keyhole in the bathroom door. Creepy!

Tom Goodwyn: Massive Attack, ‘Helilgoland’. A seven year wait, some awesome sounding collaborations and all we got was a morose dirge of an album. A huge let down.  

Alan Woodhouse: The Drums, ‘The Drums’. After all the hype and the hugely promising references to long-lost great Scottish ’80s indie bands, what we got was an anodyne, limp soundtrack for ‘The Inbetweeners’.

Paul Stokes: Klaxons, ‘Surfing The Void’. Good comeback single, banging Reading Festival set, and the best album cover bar none. Sadly the rest of the album just didn’t justify the wait. Everyone’s favourite new ravers have their work cut out for LP #3.