Most Disappointing Albums Of 2011?

Along with our Albums Of The Year list, other publications have printed theirs. The likes of PJ Harvey, The Horrors and Katy B have all featured regularly.

But enough of the albums which everyone loved, what of the discs that were “a bit meh”? The ones that left you wanting more?


Many were left disappointed with ‘Angles’ by The Strokes. We chastised it for “lacking in a clear sonic through-line”. Similarly we called The Drums ‘Portamento’ “a deeper, more penetrating record,” than their debut but said it shot its load “too early”.


Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’ also underwhelmed. We were left with a sense that the singer had “spread herself so thinly that she didn’t have time to record a cohesive album.” The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s ‘Belong’ was another that we said was “simply not good enough”.


And what of those albums which we loved when we first heard them, but with a few months hindsight aren’t as great as we first thought they were? Basically the opposite of a ‘a grower’? Glasvegas we’re looking at you!


Let us know which albums disappointed you lot below.