The most wholesome moments in The 1975’s video for ‘Sincerity Is Scary’

It's pretty bloody wholesome

While teasing the video for the irony dismantling, postmodern defences demolishing ‘Sincerity Is Scary’, The 1975‘s Matty Healy described it as “good bowl of soup levels wholesome.” Now, the Warren Fu-directed clip is finally here and it turns out he wasn’t wrong. Much like the song it accompanies, it’ll make you feel a different kind of way than you’d typically expect The 1975 to make you feel – warm, fuzzy, and overflowing with positivity. Here are some of its most wholesome moments.

Skipping down the stairs

Maybe it’s cos Matty looks like a particularly tall child on his way to school in that hat/shirt/backpack combo but this moment is our first real hint of wholesomeness.

No Rome and his dalmatian


Everyone knows dogs are wholesome. It’s an undisputed fact of the universe. Walking a dog while dressed like you’re off to your nearest NASA facility to board a rocket into outer space? Even more so – it’s like a scene out of a kid’s daydream.

Giving an elderly lady a rose

OK, so maybe stealing flowers isn’t morally correct but if you then go and give your petalled contraband to an elderly lady out watering her plants? Well, you can probably be let off for that.

Having a dance-off with a sharp-suited man

Your usual music video dance battle would be a lot more aggressive and competitive than this. Instead, Matty and someone who looks like they’ve leapt off the screen from Singin’ In The Rain engage in the most elegant dance-off you’ll see all year, complete with some cheeky tactics from the frontman.

All the dancing in general


Matty’s moves, from his little Michael Jackson homage to side-stepping with a group of women in the street, are so wholesome that, if we keep our Twinkle Toes’ soup analogy going, they’re like a big serving of one that’s really thick and full of veggies, and probably just as healing.

Playing hopscotch

Have you ever walked over a wobbly hopscotch court drawn on the pavement and not had the urge to get on one foot immediately? No. Maybe you manage to resist the urge but the answer is still no. Matty does not resist here and for that we are grateful.

Saving Ross from certain death

Saving your bandmate from being killed by a falling piano is not only incredibly wholesome because you’re literally saving a life, but also because it’s the kind of situation that’s straight out of some very innocent kids’ cartoon. Therefore, it’s completely off the wholesome scale.

Bringing a little girl into colour

At the end, we get a little nod back to the video for ‘A Change Of Heart’, where Matty daubed his face in white and played a mime. Here, a little girl takes up that role, shown at first in black-and-white. Then, the musician leads her into colour by pouring water on her from his perch on a ladder – also a very cartoonish moment – while a sign above reads, “La poesie est dans la rue”, or “the poetry is in the streets.” It literally is, as well – the video is set mostly on a street and there’s something quite poetic about it all, not least that last scene which could be interpreted as Matty himself stopping hiding himself away behind ironic jokes and into the light of realness and sincerity.

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