‘Mother Lover’ – Justin Timberlake’s Latest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hook-Up

If you thought ‘Saturday Night Live”s digital shorts featuring Justin Timberlake couldn’t get any more rude than ‘Dick In A Box’, well I’m both excited and grossed out to tell you that you were wrong.

Saturday night (May 9) was Timberlake’s third time to host the live comedy show, and in honour of Mothers’ Day (which was Sunday in the US), he teamed up once again with SNL actor Andy Samberg for a parody song entitled ‘Motherlover’.

The pair again adopted the ‘Dick In A Box’ look, i.e. early-90s R&B-look, featuring vomit-inducing suits, cheesy manicured facial hair and synthesised music that you’d be likely to find in the bargain basement at your local record store back when local record stores actually existed.

I can just see JT, Samberg and writer buddies Akiva Scahffer and Jorma Taccone at 30 Rock making a list of 50-something actresses for whom they’ve secretly harboured crushes over the years. Susan Sarandon was an obvious choice, but drafting Patricia Clarkson for the project was a stroke of genius.

Timberlake frequently stops by the SNL studio for surprise appearances, and a few months ago made a cameo alongside Jamie Lynn Sigler in the R&B spoof ‘Jizz In My Pants’, playing a store cleaner.

And finally, let’s salute the digital short that kicked off the entire phenomenon – ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia (Lazy Sunday)’.