Mouthbreather – Free Melodic Hardcore MP3

It’s Monday. Mondays suck. The weekend was brilliant but now we’re at work/college/school, sitting behind a screen and not getting involved in some ludicrously righteous punk rock shenanigans, right?

[pic borrowed from MySpace]

That’s John Martin from Mouthbreather, a brilliant melodic hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia.

[A digression: what is it about this unassuming town that throws up so many truly awesome punk rock bands? I’m talking Avail, Municipal Waste, Strike Anywhere, The Setup, Wow, Owls! and a bunch more I’ve forgotten…]


Those last two bands, Wow, Owls! and The Setup don’t exist any more – which is a massive, massive shame. What isn’t a shame is that members of those two groups went on to form Mouthbreather.

[Another digression: Wow, Owls! not only had a truly ace name, they were pretty damn brilliant too, really difficult shout-punk with a quite Botch-like attitude to songwriting, check ’em out]

So, there’s a free MP3 from Mouthbreather’s newest album ‘Thank You For Your Patience’ available for download at the bottom of the page, and it’s a prime slab of cut-up hardcore injected with a serious dose of gang-vocal melody and just plain violence. It’s weird: you could term it melodic hardcore but it doesn’t sound much like Strike Aywhere or (early) Rise Against

…but it is ace, whatever you call it. Agree? Let me know.

Download Mouthbreather‘s ‘Best Of Seven’ here

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