‘Mrs Doubftfire’: You’ll Be Relieved These Dark Deleted Scenes Didn’t Make The Final Cut

Mrs. Doubtfire gave the late Robin Williams one of his best-loved roles. As a doting but unreliable dad who disguises himself as a strict Scottish housekeeper when he loses custody of his kids, he was both hilarious and unexpectedly touching. It’s a film that’s very much of its time – if it were made today, Aerosmith’s ‘Dude (Looks Like A Lady)’ probably wouldn’t make it onto the soundtrack – but 23 years after it came out, Mrs. Doubtfire‘s charm remains undiminished.

Anyway, a couple of deleted scenes from the film were uploaded to YouTube over the weekend and though they’re not bad exactly, it’s easy to see why they got chopped. One shows Williams’ character bickering with his estranged wife (played by the always excellent Sally Field, of course) at their daughter’s spelling bee, while the other features a pretty brutal argument between the former couple once she realises who Mrs. Doubtfire really is. Williams and Field get to show off their acting chops in these scenes, but the editors were definitely right to consign them to the cutting room floor. They’re simply a bit too dark and depressing for a film that manages to feel buoyant even in its more emotional moments. Check them out for yourself below.