Muse Q&A: ‘Expect Big Rock Moments On The New Album’

Muse’s new concert film, ‘Live From Rome Olympic Stadium’, hit shops earlier this week (December 2). The film was shot in 4K, otherwise known as Ultra High Definition, and looks pretty amazing. NME caught up with bassist Chris Wolstenholme to hear about the film and the space-rockers’ much-anticipated seventh studio album, primed for release in 2015…

What aspects of the band and the tour did you want to capture with Muse: Live At Rome Olympic Stadium?
“We felt that this particular show was above and beyond anything we had done in stadiums before and as we hadn’t released a concert film since the Wembley show in 2010 we felt quite strongly that show was definitely worth capturing as a milestone of the band’s career. The fact that we could capture it in 4K was a massive appeal as we knew that the footage would have a much more intimate feel than anything we had done before.”

How will you follow the pyrotechnics and exploding power stations as seen on your concert film in 2014?
“It’s always difficult when a new album and a new tour comes around as you always want to go one better than you have done previously. So far I think we have managed that and will hopefully continue to do so. I’m sure one day we may feel that we want to go the opposite direction and strip things right back but I think as technology evolves the possibilities of what you can do live increase so hopefully we will continue to grow as a live band.”

What did you learn about each other from being on the Unsustainable Tour?
“Hard to say when you’ve been in a band with the same guys for such a long time as we know each other inside and out, but as a band I think doing a stadium tour like we have, which was beyond our wildest dreams when we were younger, you definitely feel a sense of achievement and pride and it shows how much this band has grown musically.”

You’ve said the new album will have more of a rock sound and returned to more traditional instruments – why did you decide to go back there?
“Firstly, although our intentions are to go for a more rock album it’s always hard to say what will happen when you get in the studio but we feel that we have explored so many options on the last couple of albums and the timing just feels right to go back to what we know best, but like I said, anything can happen in the studio.”

What else can fans expect from the sound/content of the album? Apparently it’s going to be a concept album?
“Again, it’s hard to say until we all get in a room together and start playing, but I would expect it to go back to more of a three piece sound with some big rock moments.”