Music Stars Design Christmas Cards Just For You

Last year we persuaded music’s finest to get their creative juices flowing by designing a Christmas card. It was so good, we’ve done it again. Check out this lot. Click on the images to download each card as a PDF.

Amanda Palmer

All anybody wants is to have a jolly fucking time at Christmas, and an Amanda with antlers seemed like the most appropriate thing to make. Add glitter according to taste.

NME Xmas Cards

Rich Fulcher, The Mighty Boosh

Rich Fulcher poses as the age-old Christmas Tree Whore, who would often stand by the tree in the local village and wait for the neighbourhood perverts to pick him up and put him on their tree.

NME Xmas Cards

Tom Hudson, Pulled Apart By Horses

There’s nothing better than spending your Christmas jazzing the place up with signed pictures of Pulled Apart By Horses and decorating your tree with offensive words written in tinsel.

NME Xmas Cards

Jordan Gatesmith, Howler

I must have been eight years old the last time I crafted a holiday card, and the experience was more or less the same this time round: lots of paper cuts, burning fingers as glue is caught in open wounds, and period moments of, ‘Wait, this is my masterpiece!’

NME Xmas Cards

Gabriel Bruce

The card depicts a mischievous infant Christ eluding the virgin mother using his flying-jesus powers.

NME Xmas Cards

Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari

We were asked to do this while on tour in the USA, with limited resources available. Please do not judge us too harshly. Enjoy your winter holiday season.

NME Xmas Cards

Alex Pierce, Egyptian Hip Hop

Somehow I ended up with this fat star-man wearing weird pyjamas, who I thought was ridiculous enough to submit.

NME Xmas Cards

Orlando Weeks

Happy Christmas on behalf of all The Maccabees. This picture is of our roadie Tom. You may recognise him from when he mimed drums on Top Of The Pops. Ding dong merrily on high.

NME Xmas Cards

Pink Eyes, Fucked Up

Christmas is a ripe playground for punk satire, both real and fake. The punk novelty record is a perfect example of the fake punk side of this satire. Here I made a cover for one as my Christmas card.

NME Xmas Cards

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