The Music World Reacts To The Cabinet From Hell – And The Return Of Big, Bad Boris

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? After the country voted to leave the EU, things in the UK have reached peak levels of bleak. From those who got us into this mess jumping ship at the first opportunity to Theresa May – the woman who banned Tyler, The Creator from entering the UK – becoming our unelected Prime Minister, things have gone rapidly downhill on our little island.

Now, May’s announced her new cabinet and, boy oh boy, does it feel like another nail in the coffin. For each sliver of hope, is a sucker punch to bring you immediately back down to earth. Michael Gove out? Hurrah! Bumbling Boris Johnson – a man who once called Barack Obama a “part-time Kenyan President” – is the new Foreign Secretary? Back to crying into your cornflakes.

Understandably, the music world is just as mad as the rest of us and they’ve taken to Twitter to share their feelings, ranging from sheer despair to if-you-didn’t-laugh-you’d-cry wry humour. At least that’s one thing they’ll never be able to take away from us.

Theo from Wolf Alice is hurting

Lily Allen’s looking for an Air Balloon to whisk her away again

Fred from Spector’s been on Google Image Search

Stuart from Mogwai is no Boris-lover

Cher can’t Believe what’s happening

Rou from Enter Shikari is seeing the positives

Except it turned out that wasn’t true.

David Baddiel – hey! He had two Number Ones, OK? – is questioning the logic

Nothing But Thieves frontman Conor thinks they’re nothing but jokers