Musicians Reveal Their New Band Tips For 2010

We’ve already revealed the bands we’re tipping for 2010 – but to keep the new music momentum going, here are loads more recommendations, this time from some famous faces.

Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys
“We’ve been listening to the Wooden Shjips a lot on the bus. I like them because they’re, well, they’re quite good, I guess. Their music is perfect to leave on while you go about your business. You don’t have to fiddle with it, and that’s high praise in my book.”

Ryan Jarman, The Cribs
“In 2010 I am really looking forward to a new album by Shrag. They write great songs and play with passion and conviction, which is all that matters to me, really. They operate in a very DIY way, so we have a lot of affection for them – all this X Factor stuff dominating the charts makes you realise how bad it’s got. It’s regurgitated crap, and to quote Neil Tennant, I blame the public!

“Another new band is Lissy Trullie. They’re from New York and have put out one LP on Wichita. They write some really great pop songs and kind of have a ‘classic’ New York sound. They toured with us in October and are really good live too.”

Elly Jackson, La Roux
“I’m really excited about Coco Sumner. She reminds me of myself a few years ago. I used to do open mic nights when I had long dark hair, and would just mope around onstage, frowning constantly. She’s amazing live and has brilliant stage presence. I hope she’s on the lists of ones to look out for next year, although in my honest opinion those things do little more than put artists under loads of pressure. I’m also really into Delphic – I just like the way they do things.”

Paul Smith, Maximo Park
“I’ve been in an instrumental band called MeandthetwinS for 10 years and I had no idea my bandmate Rachel Lancaster could sing, but over the last year or so she’s been writing these really affecting, intimate songs. I think she’s better than most female singer-songwriters in the public eye. She’s a really good painter too, which maybe helps her observe the finer details of life. I have no idea whether record companies are interested in tracking down unheard girls in the north east, but I hope more and more people hear her music somehow.”

Faris Badwan, The Horrors
“For 2010 I’d say Bo Ningen. They’re incredible live but they haven’t yet done themselves justice on record, so I’m interested to hear further releases from them. The new Factory Floor line-up, with Nik from Kaito joining on guitar, has totally transformed the band. They supported us on our French dates and I was really impressed.

“Other bands to look out for… there’s a girl called Tamaryn in the US who I quite like, she sounds a bit like early Dead Can Dance, with Martin Hannett production. I also can’t wait to see what HTRK do next; their last album was a real highlight of the year for me.”

Oliver Simm, The xx
“I really like Trailer Trash Tracys, they write really beautiful tracks. I’d also say Esben And The Witch – their stuff is really dark and atmospheric, and the girl singing has an incredible voice.

“I’ve also got into the aftermath of dubstep. There’s this label Hyperdub, who he really likes. They put out Dark Star, this amazing duo.”

Matthew Followill, Kings Of Leon
“We just got done with touring for a few months and I’ve been spending a lot of time in LA so have had a chance to check a few local things out. There’s a guy from here playing with a cool band under the name The Romany Rye – great harmonies and good, honest songwriting.

“Another more country-influenced band I recently got into are this crazy nine-piece called Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. I heard they just signed some kind of deal with Rough Trade – now those guys are just really fucking cool.”

Hayley Williams, Paramore
“Right about now I’m playing a lot of Now, Now Every Children, The Swellers, and Fun on and off the tourbus. I’m going to go ahead and say ‘you’re welcome’ in advance for these most excellent recommendations.”

Tom Fleming, Wild Beasts
“There’s this guy Lone Wolf, who actually came up with us in Leeds. He’s an ex-singer-songwriter who now’s gone loud. He’s been recording in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. A band who’ve had a bit of press but are still worth mentioning are Erland And The Carnival.

“There’s also this great label Young God Records which was set up by Michael Gira of Swans, they’ve put out people like Devendra Banhart and have just released Lisa Germano’s new album. I know it’s another singer-songwriter, but she’s really good. Really adult – but not in a Sunday Times way.”

Charles Cave, White Lies
“The album we’re most excited about in 2010 is definitely Violens’ debut. They’re incredible musicians with ideas and ambitions that should set them well apart from the crowd next year. A band we’ve had the pleasure of touring with recently are Darker My Love. They are from LA, and one part ex-Distillers drummer, two parts ex-Fall musicians and two further members create completely blissed out indie-rock of the highest order.

Summer Camp already sound to us like a sure-fire win for 2010. Their songs will probably soundtrack every vaguely kooky advert next summer, all shimmering synths, dreamy production and floaty melodies.”

Dev Hynes, Lightspeed Champion
“There’s this girl I know called Anna Calvi. She’s so talented and has this one song called ‘Blackout’ which blows my mind. I listen to it every day. She’s the new female Elvis.”

Joe Mount, Metronomy
“I’d have to say Veronica Falls, they’re so amazing I’m producing their album. I’d also pick Your Twenties, which is the new project of my old bassist, Gabriel; they’re doing really well at the moment, and it’s a really different sound.”

Nathan Howdeshell, Gossip
“It’s been a great year, the tour was amazing and seeing SSION every night was a real inspiration. We’re working on a Gossip ‘sound art’ installation. As for new bands – the mainstream music industry always seems doomed to us. They should take some cues from Factory, Rough Trade and K Records. If they treated bands more equally things may lighten up, but I have no hope of that happening.”