Mutiny On The Bounty – Exclusive New Video And Free MP3s

If the internet revolution’s proved anything anything, it’s that 99 per cent of record labels are pretty much superfluous. But that ‘measly’ 1 per cent is the same tiny minority that’s always been the most creative and important for music as a whole, the same little boutique labels who’ve been providing us with the most exciting bands while the dinosaurs of the industry fart out Tesco-friendly pap. And Big Scary Monsters has been one of the most consistent DIY labels out there, with every single band and release being well worth a look – and you can’t say that about many labels. With that in mind, it’s time to say hello to Mutiny On The Bounty.


That right there is an exclusive video for y’all. If this was MTV or something I’d have tagged it as an exclusive premiere or something, but it’s not so I won’t.

Newly signed and about to hit the UK at the weekend – London people, they’re playing a free matinee show at the Notting Hill Arts Club on Saturday so get involved; if you’re in Reading, Portsmouth or Southampton check their MySpace – Mutiny were described to me as Taking Back Sunday with more shredding. Personally, I’d disagree because they’re not quite as cloying or histrionic as TBS, but they do have that same melodic nous coupled with a bit of technical frippery. And it’s all about a bit of technical frippery now and then…

And here are a couple of links to some free tunes – clickety click.

Click here to download ‘1,2,3,4, I Declare A Thumb War’.
Click here to download ‘Cruz Canerlaria’.

After releasing their album ‘Danger Mouth’ on June 8 via BSM, they’re coming back to the UK for a full tour in August with Blakfish. What shenanigans will that hold? I can’t say for sure, but I reckon there’ll be more than a few spontaneous outbreaks of FUN.