MySpace Wanderer – Nhessingtons, Cosimo, Korallreven, Sail A Whale

What is a MySpace Wanderer? This is a MySpace Wanderer. We begin at the MySpace page of a relatively new artist whom we adore, then we click through to go visit someone in their top friends. Then, in turn, we click through to go visit someone in their top friends. Are you with me? We do this four times, in total, passing comment on all the awe, slime, tragedy, pain, euphoria, flippancy and raw, brute strength we find along the way.

Let’s head off while still in earshot of Nhessingtons, a pair of routinely handsome, young Swedish men making the sort of music routinely handsome, young Swedish men should make: ‘You’re the Summer’ throbbing with erotic intent and haunted by the hot breath of some anonymous diva. Pick up their split with Bandjo, out now through Stockholm’s surging Force Majeuere label, or download their ecstatic remix of Coyote’s ‘Ayahausca’ at wander’s end.

Less direct in his advances is Italy’s Cosimo. What he does doesn’t belong in any disco, really, but his warm, idyllic, ambient swells are gilded nonetheless with the percolating arpeggiated synth play made to mimic the feel of coming-up-guts. If it’s bliss you’re after – and new bliss at that, ‘Through Foliage’ only amassing 27 plays at time of writing – then stop chasing.

“The winds blew high and the trees did sway. Not much from life was I asking.”

Cosimo knows what makes him great.

Am I really going to do this? It’s audacious, but next up is Korallreven. It’s audacious because I’ve listened to very little other than their ‘The Truest Faith’ for months now – it just sounds like thaw. I don’t know how else to describe it – sweeping? Lovestruck? Filmic? It’s all those things too, I suppose, and it can’t arrive soon enough through Acephale. If you take the time to give it ears, I guarantee you’ll either fall in love with it or everyone else around you. It vaguely recalls Air France at their most elated, and has a euphoria of the purest, most benevolent kind.

I haven’t heard Korallreven’s second single yet, but it’s going to be a duet between their singer Marcus Joons and Victoria Bergsman, ex-of The Concretes, now of Taken By Trees (she’s also the coy, female voice you’ve inevitably heard singing Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks’ a few million times). Korallreven’s debut album will arrive in September.

The final band in today’s wander, Sail A Whale, don’t have any songs as such, but they do have a library of cryptic and provocative videos. Find one below – it’s somehow more demonic than anything we’ve chanced upon thus far. I feel less like I’m listening to routinely handsome, young Swedish men than I am being inducted into a sinister and secret cult. As I type, my eyes start weeping blood and my ankles just turned purple and exploded. All the colours I see have 3s and 7s imprinted on them, like my bedroom just turned into a life size painting-by-numbers template. Fuck’s sake.

Here’s a free Nhessingtons MP3 for your troubles: Coyote – Ayahausca (Nhessingtons Remix)