Nardwuar’s BROCKHAMPTON interview is an instant classic

The legendary interviewer meets the Internet's biggest boyband

The self-proclaimed best boy band since One Direction (and accurately so), BROCKHAMPTON have been on a meteoric rise for the past year. With the release of three studio albums last year (‘Saturation’, ‘Saturation II’ and ‘Saturation III’), and a host of worldwide festival appearances this summer, the hip-hop group are showing no signs of stepping off the ignition any time soon.

With their hard earned success has come the ultimate superstar treatment: the Nardwuar interview. And it’s the purest 20 minutes of content you’ll watch all day.

As usual, Nardwuar has meticulously researched the band; but whilst some artists have panicked over the Canadian journalist knowing obscure details about their lives (like Dave Rowntree of Blur, and Quiet Riot, who chased him down the street), BROCKHAMPTON are absolutely loving every minute of the experience. In the word of the group’s leader Kevin Abstract: “You’re such a great guy, and we’re honoured.”

Throughout the interview Nardwuar hands out carefully selected gifts to each member of the group, including some of the entourage, and each of them is genuinely delighted. Picking highlights in the Oscar Best Picture calibre video is tricky, but they come in the form of Merlyn forgetting his own Hannah Montana-referencing lyrics, Ameer’s passionate speech about Prince’s ‘Liquor’, and the story of how they found an Emmy in the (haunted) house that they all live in together.

And BROCKHAMPTON themselves still can’t seem to believe their luck at being interviewed by the legend:

Do yourself a favour and take the time to watch what could be the most wholesome Nardwuar interview of all time.