DAMN, NATION! These greedy Kendrick fans were annoyed they didn’t get a second new album over the weekend

Isn't 'DAMN.' enough?

Kendrick Lamar released his fourth studio album ‘DAMN.‘ on Good Friday (April 14) to critical acclaim and outpourings of adoration from fans. With his performance of it, he almost stole the limelight from everyone else performing at Coachella over Easter Weekend – and yet weirdly, for some of his fans, the awesome album ‘DAMN.’ has been upstaged by another, purely hypothetical Kendrick album called ‘NATION.’. Along with the release of ‘DAMN.’ came speculation that Kendrick was going to do a Frank Ocean and put out two albums within days of one another. When no second album appeared, they kicked off all over Twitter (and one guy filmed himself drinking a vinyl record).

Some were just plain angry, as though they deserved something:

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Others were simply sad:

There were obviously those who sensed the opportunity for a good spot of meme-age:

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While there are even some people who are still tapping their watches expectantly:

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There are plenty of people who have realised their mistakes and are feeling a bit weird about the strange way they were behaving. Forgive these people:

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And if you’re confused by the idea of a fan-base attempting to will an album into existence without any help from the artist, here’s exactly how the whole ‘NATION’ thing happened: