Negan Is The Unseen Star Of This Mid-Season Walking Dead Trailer – Could He Be The Most Terrifying Villain Yet?

What better day for The Walking Dead to make its jarringly gruesome return than the cutesiest day of the year – Valentine’s Day? Yep, February 14th is when our favourite post-apocalyptic zombie-repellers return to form in the US (although it’ll be the day after over here), and the new mid-season trailer is teasing fans hard about the franchise’s sociopathic, as-yet-unseen extortionist, Negan. His band of merry burglars, the ‘Saviors’ has been providing almost as much menace as the walkers themselves in recent episodes and it’s been confirmed that we’ll be seeing their leader in person before the end of Season 6.

Negan is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who’s probably most famous for his roles as heart patient Denny Duquette in medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and investigator Jason Crouse in legal drama The Good Wife. Rounding out his CV will be this role as Negan, who Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple says is “one of the great pop culture characters of the past 20 years. And we desperately want to get him right.”

According to Gimple, “He’s charismatic and funny. And even sort of friendly. But he just kills, and it doesn’t bother him. He’s the star of his own movie and we’re all Red Shirts. He’s not nuts. But you can’t reason with him because he’s got it all worked out. He knows exactly the way the world works. And he’s the one in control.”